Drool Roasting Brazilian Youngster Eugene

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Description: Eugene is making guzzles for Michel and Lewis when the argument turns to romp. Briefly Eugene comes out from behind the bar to join the 2 youthfull tops and everyone embarks smooching and unwrapping. By the time they are bare, all trio Brazilian lads are sporting uncircumcised spears and Eugene is providing the other 2 a pecker munching. An oral interchange ensues, with everyone getting a taste of the other, before Lewis rims Eugene, while he's arched over and servicing Michel. With Eugene their meat in the middle, Lewis glides in to make it a slobber roasting. Then the guys exchange and Michel takes his turn pummeling that slick Mexican bootie. Will the men apex their bartender, or was a tag crew boning all the insane bottom is hoping from his slender and sleek clients?
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